EU Citizenship

Cyprus offers several options for legal residence for Russian citizens, whether it is tourism or relocation. Thanks to favorable migration policy, obtaining a visa, residence permit or passport is not associated with tiresome red tape, on the contrary, all procedures are as simple and straightforward as possible. Below you will find a table with a list of immigration statuses, methods and terms of their reception.

Pro-Visa Visa Temporary residence permit (Pink Slip) Permanent residence permit (Fast Track) EU Citizenship
How to get Apply by email. Pro-Visa is free for Russian citizens. Submit documents to the Cyprus consulate. Cyprus visa is free for citizens of the Russian Federation. Apply at Cyprus Migration Department Issued when buying property for more than €300 thousand At least €2 million investments required (where not less than €500 thousand is invested in residential real estate)
Min / max length of stay 1-90 days 1-90 days every six months during the validity of the visa The right to live on the island for up to 1 year Lifetime right to live and start business in Cyprus Lifelong right to live and work in Cyprus and other EU countries
Requirements for the applicant Fill out a form, provide hotel or apartment reservation Questionnaire, foreign passport, passport for purchase/sale or rental of property (hotel), proof of funds Passport, real estate lease or purchase contract, proof of income, insurance Proof of income (min €30 thousand per year per applicant, plus €5 thousand extra for each family member)

Certificate of criminal record

Clean criminal record
Terms of reception 1 day 3-6 months 2 months 6 months
Tax advantages X X X V