Advantages of Cyprus tax residency:

Who has the status of “non-domiciled tax resident” (for persons not born in Cyprus)?

A person is a “non-domiciled tax resident” if, after moving to Cyprus, they were a tax resident in Cyprus for less than 17 years (out of 20 consecutive years).

How to become a tax resident:

Physical persons who live in Cyprus for more than 183 days a year become tax residents.

Since 2017, Cyprus has a “60-day rule” according to which a person can be recognized as a tax resident of Cyprus if the person:


Number of days spent in the territory of Cyprus is calculated as follows:


Tax rates on personal income in Cyprus:

The following tax rates are applied to the income of individuals in Cyprus:


Some tax rates for non-domiciled residents in Cyprus:

Tax base Ставка
Income from purchase and sale of securities 0%
Coupon income 0%
Dividends 0%
CFC profits 0%
Loans/credits benefits (at a rate less than 9% per year) 0%

Corporate tax in Cyprus:

12.5% corporate tax rate